Monday, 10 March 2008

The Aging Process

Sorry sorry sorry. My blogging has been neglected lately I know. Time just seems to be getting away from me. Im not sure if that is also part of the aging process but I know what is. My poor old body.
We all went out with Kaisercraft on Friday night and Richelle organised a Karaoke machine, not one of my favourite things, but still I had a fantastic time with everybody until...... whilst dancing my hip decided to go another direction to the rest of me. It honestly hurt. Yes I had a couple of drinks but that wasn't it I just think I am now starting to realise I can't do the things I used to and Im not in my 20 like just about every other staff member. Getting up the next morning I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck, but after a couple of pain killers it came good - obviously just a pulled muscle.

Then Saturday night we went out for dinner with Al to celebrate her birthday. It was wonderful to see her smiling and laughing with everyone, especially with all that has happened lately. It was such a lovely night - Al you have such wonderful friends, it was a lovely night... But by 10ish my wee little eyes just wanted to shut.... Managed to keep them open a wee while later but again realised I just can't do two nights running anymore either.
Is this what middle-aged is like - am I middle aged.... oooohhh don't like it.....

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Al said...

Oh yes, tell me about the ageing process Lis. Aye aye aye as Jane would say and shake her head.

So glad you joined my for my celebrations too ... always good for a laugh you are ;) I know I can count on you for that my friend *hugs*