Saturday, 19 January 2008

Snap 'Em, then SCRAP then

New motto, scrap them as soon as I snap them. I am sick of taking photos and storing them up and saying I will scrap them and guess what....2 years later I have a wonderful collection of photos (not layouts) still stashed on my computer, all in order mind you for when I finally do get around to it - but not this year - well we'll see, but I am going to try anyway to scrap straight away some of the photos that I really like before I forget about them and they go to the dark dungeons of "MY PICTURES".

So here you go this is a couple of layouts (well actually is mean to be a double page spread) I did tonight - gorgeous photos - thanks to Al and her new toy, these were taken whilst I was tickling my daughter at Aggies place yesterday. She is pretty cute you have to admit....

1 comment:

Al said...

Very much love these two LO's. They look even better IRL!