Friday, 18 January 2008

Out for Lunch

Feast your little eye on this FEAST....WOW, what more can I say. Had lunch yesterday with some of my favorite friends and the food just didn't seem to stop. Mind you Lady Aggie put a bowl of mixed lollies on the table before we even started lunch which I just had to eat, just cause they were there...until they were gone....naturally as you do... Princess Al followed this up with her cheese platter with a yummy chilli something cheese and bickies -again I just had to have, followed up by Queen Bee and her mega massive plate of everything, that would keep us going for a week if we had the time and then Lady Aggies beautiful dip and Turkish bread - to completely fill and stuff us, so by the time we got to moiye, Drama Queen's Cappacinno baked cheesecake and Caramal cakes there wasn't much room in our little bellies. Rather a little classy event if I do say so myself, right down to the yummy champagne in the coke glasses ...PMP...- even hybiscus flowers in the bubbly. Way to go girls - what a hoot and laugh, haven't laughed so much for ages. Thanks for such a fun day. This will have to become a regular event it was loads of fun.

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