Monday, 14 January 2008

That Satisfied Feeling

I can't get no satisfaction and I try and I try and I try and I try - can't get no, ohhhh, can't get no......... I don't know about you, but if I have something to do and don't get the time to do it, it bugs me and bugs me until I can. That is how I have felt knowing that all my prizes were sitting in the garage and I couldn't get to them until now.... Well I am going to bed tonight feeling satisfied. Now that is in a purely innocent and good way OK.... Get your minds out of the gutter any of you who think I am talking about anything else..... As you know yesterday I finally got around to photographing the majority of my prizes - woo hoo -, well the ones we have received so far anyway. Well take a look at the little contraption below - little isn't really how you would describe it - it actually stands approx. 70cm tall but this spinny aroundy thingy is called a CLIP-IT-UP and believe me that is exactly what you do. I have clipped up just about everything that was stashed in boxes under my desk and totally and utterly cleaned up. Yeah ....instead of That Lovin' Feeling, I have that SATISFIED feeling and it feels GOOD.... da da da dada like I knew that it would YEAH!!!!!
Now take a look at that - OK its not as flash as some people's scrapping area - but its certainly better that not having one, so I hope you are taking note of this Al, its all cleaned up. Can't say how long it will last for but.

I even found some places to temporarily display some of my Master's entries.

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Al said...

Lis, that looks fantastic. I love how you have framed your LO of Ellie up on the wall too! And your LOUD book on your shelf. Looks great.
And yes, I'm lovin' the tidyness ;) Good for you!