Sunday, 30 December 2007

So Long - Farewell 2007

Well there is only one day left to go and its a New Year. Can you believe how fast the year has flown. Even the days since Christmas have just whizzed past. Yesterday and the previous day we spent at the beach....naturally... what else do you do when its 30+ degrees and today was cleaning out the girls rooms. It was supposed to be a day for me to clean out the scrap room but we just didn't get there.
Richelle from work came around with some little goodies to show me that we are getting for shall just have to wait and see as Im not tellin' what they are.. and she stayed for lunch - so that was a lovely catch up. Tomorrow seeings its supposed to be so HOT HOT HOT - we will be doing something different again and going to the beach...LOL.... It was great yesterday, all the three girls had a go on the surfboard and are slowing getting their balance, soon I'll be fighting with them for who gets to have the surfboards first. I wish I had my camera.

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun New Year's Eve tomorrow night. We will be spending it with a couple of families who are great friends, having the great aussie BBQ and playing singstar. Whether or not we actually stay awake to see the new year in may be another story.
Anyway Happy New Year and we will chat again next year. Man, now I have to get used to writing 2008 on things.

I thought I would leave you with a few of things I have finished off recently. NOthing to get excited over though I do love my calendar. It is very simple and I chose the black and white Kaiser collection as I could feature a different color for emellies each month just to give it something a bit extra but overall I think it came out OK..
Just before Christmas I finally got the chance to get to use my new Zutter binding machine and as those of you who have will agree - they are fantastic - well worth the money.
I made a little mini album for a very special GF of mine, Al. I work with Al at Kaiser and I wanted to make her something special. WE actually had a fight over the book of K& Co paper in our LSS but I couldn't tell her why I wanted it. Pink is so not my color so she was probably thinking I was up to something. As you can read on her blog - I think she liked it.
We also had a Kris Kringle at work in the last week. I drew out Kathryn's name - she is really sweet and one of the Sales reps. I put the zutter to work again and naturally the Christmas Kaiser papers and came up with a little mini album for a pressie for her also.

Then lastly even though I did make the Countdown trees for the girls teachers, they decided I should make them something else. Being so busy it was probably the last thing I really felt like doing but I we were so fortunate to have three extra special teachers this year and I couldn't have handpicked them better myself. They were exactly just what each of my girls needed and all of them loved the year and were sad about it ending. So as mum's do... NOT.... I sat down and made them a quick little mini book each that was filled with quotes about teachers and attached them to different tags. Again plain and simple but it still managed to bring tears to all our eyes when saying thanks and bye for the year. Sometimes it is just the thought that counts - i think the few photos of the girls and their teachers during the year included in it helped a wee bit too.


Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow Lis check out all the scrapping eye candy, just gorgeous as usual

Al said...

Yes what Jane said. Love those little books you made for the teachers. Plus they also got the beautiful Countdown Calendars - spoilt indeed ;)
And your B&W calendar is really pretty. ;)
Eh probably my favourite is the little pink friendship mini album though ... so loving everything about it, and the papers too!