Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Celebrations slowing down....

Well Christmas has come and its gone and Im not sure about your place but we still have all the kids presents spread around the lounge room and under the tree - only difference is they are now unwrapped. I think its time to take photos of them all and put them away - well at least try and find homes for them. Its the same thing every year and every birthday - its great to get new 'toys' but where to put them is always a problem. Thankfully this year no one got anything "big" as such. But its time for a huge clean out. Starting with my scrapping room. David gave me a clip-it-up so i can hang all my bits and pieces on but in order to find a place to put it - I need a clean up and throw out day. We all had a wonderful Christmas - lots of laughs as usual, all starting when my dad turned up here wearing a claytons Santa outfit - you know the Santa you have when you haven't got the real thing.... Good on you dad !!!! (harry highpants - i think)

Getting our usual family photograph is always a bit of a challenge - especially getting everyone to smile but we mananged to get a couple of them too, with dad keeping us all entertained. You have to love the excitement on the faces of the kids when they get something they love - even something as simple as chocolate - truly who could blame them - chocolate is a girls best friend. Anything High School Musical was a hit and so were games for their DS's.

Im pretty sure our mums liked the presents we gave them. A canvas scrapped with a photo of their three little angels.....angels not!!!!!! - you can dress them up...but ohh the trouble I had to get that photo taken. Anyway that was the photo that was on my Christmas cards this year...not that I made very many as I left everything a bit late.

Christmas day is always pretty full on here catching up with both sides of the family but it is always a fun time together.

I hope you all had a wonderful day catching up with friends and family too.

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

loving the pic of you Lis and that family group shot with santa is just hysterical