Monday, 26 November 2007

Christmas - 29 sleeps

Can you believe Christmas is only 29 sleeps away. Scary isn't it - I haven't even done my Christmas shopping. Tom got me to design a Christmas card last week to send out to our suppliers - so yes if you are a retailer that purchases from us - you may get one..... I can't believe how hard it was to think of something but once I got going it was fun, plus I got to use some of our NEW brads (keep a look out for these in Jan - sorry you have to wait until then - so this is a sneak peak)...
Whilst we are talking Christmas I may as well include the picture below. We are about to advertise in some of the scrapbooking magazines - I guess I get so used to doing things up for work that I haven't really thought much about the fact that it is my work going into a mag and it wasn't really until Al said something to me at work last week that I thought - yeah - I guess that is one way to get published.... One day I may properly.... who knows.... Anyway this is one of our Christmas tabbed albums that I did up for the advertisements.

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

so love the card Lis lucky retailers. and you already know how much i love that tabbed christmas tree album, just gorgeous