Friday, 26 October 2007


Before I go on about our day today here is a picture of our view from our balcony. As you can see the pool is not huge but beautiful nevertheless and just across the road is a little park and THE BEACH....

Ellie just can't help herself,
and if David is in the pool
she has to be on his shoulders
doing somersaults and backflips

Take a look at the gorgeous new saltwater pool they have built at the edge of Kings Beach, this is where I go and swim each morning. The council have spent a bucket load doing up the foreshores here and it is fantastic - something new every year we come up.
You would love this pool Dad.

These trees are everywhere and I haven't got a clue what they are really called but the girls have given them a nickname and I won't explain why...LOL...though you should be able to work it out from the second photo - they call them "doodle trees"

I can’t think of a better way to start each day. My girls bringing me in a cup of tea then getting up and going over the road to do laps in the new saltwater pool. Dad you would be so jealous, I could see you joining me if you were here. Its taken me three days to build back up to 1km of swimming (20 laps – now that’s counted as up AND back or for some of you 40). The first day I only did 5 and my arms were screaming, yesterday 10 – it will take awhile to build up to the 2km but hopefully by the end of the holiday we may be close. One of my best friends, wants me to start swimming again with her so I am actually really glad to have the practice before coming home and making a total fool of myself.
After my head stopped spinning I came back and had breakfast and then we all decided we would go for a walk….just a little walk….LOL…not… I actually aren’t sure how long the walk was but we covered 4 beaches if you count King’s Beach where we are staying. We rocked hopped around the point, crab hunting – great big orange and green things sidestepping all over the placed. Caitlin counted 47 but it was closer I reckon to 147, they were everywhere sunning themselves. We got around the point and walked the length of Shelley Beach to go rock hopping again around to Moffat Beach and then onto Dickey Beach.

We didn’t think the kids would make it that far but they could see the ship wreck in the distance and then it was their idea to go the whole way. An icecream along the way didn’t go astray and a promise we would catch a bus back instead of walking. Great idea considering the minute we got off the bus it started raining which then turned into one of the Sunshine Coast’s famous thunder storms. Day not wasted though as at least we achieved something this morning. I was so proud of the girls, especially Caitlin who usually carrys on about her little legs aching after a few hundred metres. She didn’t ask David to pick her up once. If it is interesting, kids will do anything and surprise you at times just like today.

Why do kids no care how much sand they have all over them, including up their bottoms.....

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Al said...

I have to say it looks like so much fun. Gee those trees are unusual, and I love the girls name for them ... that's funny!

Isn't that what Dad's are for? Kids being on their shoulders and flipped off! That's one thing that I think every Dad does .. and well I might add :)

The saltwater pool looks divine! I'm a bit envious I must admit.