Saturday, 27 October 2007

Another day - another shade of brown

I can see how one can completely and utterly lose track of days whilst on holidays. Each day just seems to blend into another especially when you are doing the same things. Beach or pool, or maybe pool or beach – hmmm hard choice. Must admit I’m definitely a beach girl, along with Jess and David - Ellie loves the pool and well little Caitie she just goes with the flow but probably a pool girl if given the choice.

This morning for something a little different we walked around to Bullocks Beach and spent the morning there. It is the inlet to the river and so when the tide changes it is lots of fun. It also has the best surf for long boards – BUT ggrrrr xxjjfffsscvcsadfsf I couldn’t take mine this year on the plane. Anyway what you can do here is jump in from the edge and literally float away depending on which way the tide is going. Caitlin wasn’t so sure at the start and would only go on her boogie board but by the time we were leaving she was floating down on her back and it took a number of “just one more” turns before we could leave and rock hop back to Kings Beach.
After a very yummy BBQ tea we took the kids over the road for a play at the park and a COFFEE for mummy and we got to watch some skydivers landing at night on OUR beach - big flares etc - it looked totally unreal - Sorry mum but a tandem skydive is still on my list of must do's. Not necessarily a night jump though. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

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Al said...

LOL @ your difficult choices. Well how hard is life? I mean really Lis :)

Your beach sounds amazing. How fun seeing the skydivers landing and flares. Cool AS! Ugh ... you are so brave wanting to do the tandem skydive ... there's no way I would do it!