Friday, 21 September 2007

Big Mummy Screw Up

Finally I have gotten around to updating the blogs and separating the workshops from my own personal blog. Feel free to drop by and catch up on the latest goss, thats if you are interested.
Anwyay as you all know life for me is extremely busy at the moment with life at Kaisercraft, taking a class a week at Chandon and organising this next workshop. On top of that we are smack bang in the middle of Competition season for calisthenics. For those of you who don't know - my three girls are involved over two age groups. Basically every weekend in August was taken up with comps. September has slowed down a bit, needless to say I made the biggest foo-pa you could probably ever do as a calisthenics mum on the last weekend.
Imagine this.....well don't do that...picture this....Get up early to catch the bus to go to Burwood for the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS, not some little local comp but a biggie. WE get up there are go to dress the girls, I open up Caitlin's costume bag and GUESS WHAT?????? I have brought up the wrong costumes.... I have Ellie's costumes...beep beep beep beep.....I went white then went to pieces, now what.... Everyone is trying to calm me down but after 6 years as a calisthenics mum I knew this is something we just don't do. Straight on the phone to David "please don't yell but you need to be in Burwood NOW, I have made a HUGE mistake".... Caitlin now calls him her Superhero as he did just that, he grabbed the other girls and came straight up, 1 and 1/2 hour drive only to turn straight around and go home. As you can imagiane I got a bit of a mouth full by DH but at least he had time on the drive up to calm down...well a bit anyway. Anyway it all turned out OK. Caitlin had to go on stage wearing a different costume at first but had the proper ones for the next 3. Her team ended up getting a 1st, 2nd and two 3rds, a great result for such a little team.This is Caitlin wearing the costume I was meant to bring up, she ended up having to wear someone else's Rod's costume which is black so she didn't stand out. Gorgeous little girl came up to me after her Freearm and asked me "Mummy did I go good even in a different costume". Aren't kids great....
Needless to say - David reckons he will pack the girls costumes from now on. Bit unfair boy.....

As for the rest of the month, earlier on in September David and I were fortunate enough to go up to Buller skiing for a day. It was a huge day leaving at 4am in the morning and returning at 9pm but it was totally unreal. Not only just to have a child free day but to get away and do something we both love. Due to the cost we don't get to go very often these days. It was the best day, blue sky and warm. We just had t-shirts on under our jackets and at lunch time I was sitting their in just my tshirt soaking up the sun. We skiied runs from top to bottom and straight into lift lines (thighs screaming at me) but i think for our $92 ticket we sure got our moneys worth - 41 runs in a day. I had knees the size of footballs that night(one might ask why does one ski after 5 knee operations) - I say why not...though they were a bit sore the next day. Anyway it was a great day and hope we get to go again next year.

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Al said...

Oh dear Lis, that's a bit of a worry. I hope you have everything packed correctly for the comps today. Check and double check ;)