Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

What a day!. I hope all you mums had a day as enjoyable as mine.
It started off with breakfast in bed and three little girls fighting to give me presents. They were all so excited and I was thoroughly spoilt.
Had to love the voucher from Ellie that promised she wouldn't fight with her sisters for a whole year ane Jess gave me a book of vouchers that should look after all the housework for a few months ( long as I pay her...........) It was a busy day all round but lots of fun - my brother always makes sure of that.


For those of you who attended the Workshop last week I handed over $700 to Foundation 61 to go towards helping set up a Women's Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Geelong. They were rapt and thanked us all very much. Maree also passed on the album to the mum of little "Finn" and she was overwhelmed too. She thought it was gorgeous and has shown many of her friends - thank you to all who contributed to the album. I personally just want to thank all of you who came and made the day a success and to those of you that helped me set up and pack up. I couldn't have done it without you.

The next one is planned for 6th and 7th July but those dates are just tentative at the moment and I will confirm them as soon as I can. We are raising money for a little girl who has cancer and would love this to be bigger and better than any previous ones. Stay tuned for more details - I am already getting excited about this one.

Have a great week
Chat soon

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