Friday, 4 April 2014

Kaleidoscope - NEW Range NEW Projects

I know I have been a little quite on the blog front but I really have been very busy both at work and at home.  Moreso at home whilst i have gone part time for awhile...  With my girls getting older and all three at high school I am finding out that instead of needing me less they need me more..  Gosh I am getting really good at algebra all over again and well mums taxi service is in need of repair.  The extra time I thought I would have to organize more classes well just hasn't eventuated but im sure after Easter i will have more time on my hands - well thats the plan. 

Anyways just to share a few things i have done lately, well they feel so old now as we are working so far in advance, can you believe we are already working on ranges for next year. Every now and again a range comes along that you absolutely love and just want to reuse over and over again. Well this has happened AGAIN this month with Kaleidoscope designed by the gorgeous Clare.  actually that kinda happens very regularly here at Kaisercraft but this is one of those ranges that is one of my personal favourite.

Maybe it just has to do with all the gorgeous quotes and affirmations and i just love QUOTES in a big way - mix that with the slight Mixed Media style and well there you have it really...  take a look yourself or head over to our website for a closer look at each paper.

Then combine these with a couple of our home decor storage items and immediately the oooohs and ahhhhs began again....  the papers are so vertatile and just gorgeous to look at..... and again there are some things I create that im happy to give away and then there are a couple that I struggle to part with..

SB2223 Storage Cupboard
Imagine this filled with all your little bottles of paints,
embossing powders etc.  Double drawer below for those little bits and pieces.

SB2253 Turntable Drawers
16 drawers and a Tray top to fill with your favourite crafting goodies.
And for those who love a little bit of mixed media and playing with stencils and textures - i have had a little play with the ornate frame and some of the papers - looking at it now there are a hundred things i could do different and it would end up a complete different project but here it is for now.

And I sound like one of those adds on tv but truthfully it doesn't really stop there, the range also has CAPTURED MOMENTS cards to match - called LIFES TREASURES, so if you are into Pocket Scrapping, Project Life or whatever you want to call it, there is the most beautiful cards to match.  These cards are a definite favourite...

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