Saturday, 12 January 2013

CHA Releases - Available Now SECRET ADMIRER


Now this is a little bit of a blast from the past - even though its only last months release but we will be showing it IRL at CHA as it hasn't been shown there before, and really as a December release, its still relatively current.  I thought with Valentines Day just around the corner I would show you a couple of things i have done with this that are on show at the CHA.  I especially love the two sihframes which i know my girls are already putting dibs on to who gets what.
See full collection and project to be downloaded HERE.

Product Listing and Instructions HERE

Product Listing and Instructions HERE
Now this product below is our new Hanging Heart - BEyond the Page Product.
There are many different things you could do with this frame which we can show you in upcoming projects but this is one that i did up in this Secret Admirer Collection.

What I love about this paper is the gorgeous textures in the background.  I love playing with mixed media
but for those of you who don't know where to start this range has got some great examples as background that
will inspire you to get our your paints and bubble wrap and attempt one yourself.
Below is one of our new paling wall arts.  As you can see i used some of the BASECOAT paper shown yesterday.  Perfect for this type of paper and combined it with Secret Admirer for something a little different.
And one of my favourite Beyond the Page Projects - Our new Storage Cupboard.  Seems like i have misplaced the picture of the cupboard closed from the front but it is on the insructions that you can download here.


HarmonySweetpea said...

Gorgeous. Love each of your creations. Have fun at CHA.

Al Hannah said...

Love this layout of Jess and her friend ... the way you did the polaroid around it is really cool! Definitely going to be lifting that idea x