Sunday, 18 March 2012

Project 366 and Catch up

Now playing catch up on that crazy week and looking back Im wondering where it went so fast.
But again its been fun.  Wishing i could share more of what i have been up to in the scrapping world but not just yet.
Sneak Peak1For those of you though heading up to Brisbane in June for the Aust. Scrapbook Expo at Southbank i will be teaching class each morning for Scrapapple.  Get in early and book if you are interested in joining me for a fun class using products from Kaiser and also sponsored by Ranger.  Im looking forward to catching up with many of your friendly faces up there.
It was a long weekend last week and we had Monday off.  We headed off to the Otways and had an awesome day of hiking and checking out some of the local and very beautiful waterfalls.  We are sooo lucky to have what we do on our own back doorstep.  Friends came with us and with the kids the same age it makes a fun day even better.
Something you don’t see very often, me with straight hair.  My girlfriend cut and coloured my hair and for a change – HUGE change she straighten it also.  Sometimes wish i had more hours in the day to do at times but trying to control my frizz to this standard everyday would require hours….
More pics of my week to share so if you are interested in seeing the rest which involved my nieces wedding, a lost battery charger and athletics club championships go on over to my Project 366 page and check them out for yourself.
Well off now to register the girls for netball.  Yep the season is about to start.  Athletics has now finished and another sport beginning.  Do you think they will ever just do nothing and give us a season off…. hmmm i doubt it..

Have a great week, chat soon


Al Hannah said...

Good catch up Mel and great photos!

Connie Mercer said...

Hi I came from linked in~you have a lovely blog and love the hair cut!!! looks awesome. what a wonderful job working for kaiser. I did their chest of drawers and used authentique paper on it~ stop by sometime. I'm always looking for new followers.

Lynden Blossom said...

Hello - I, too, am here via your LinkedIn Comment - I poked around a bit... Creatively lovely blog! Will come back - Come visit me sometime... Too bad we're so 'far apart' - Would be great to share ... How does one get a job like yours? What exactly do you do? Sounds interesting... ;-}