Thursday, 16 June 2011

3rd Annual Scrapbook Cruise

After the success of the first two, we have again organised a third scrapbook cruise for January 2012.  If anyone is interested in having the most amount of FUN you can have onboard a ship - download the brochure here.
How does 12 days in the South Pacific sound? We have been able to get onboard the Radiance this trip - its the big sister to the Rhapsody so it will be every bit as grand and then some....  so excited!!!
If you would like further details you can email Lorelle (details on the flyer) or email me at
Would love to have you on board – all scrapbooking classes included in the price.


Kathie said...

I really want to...BUT Pete says "you gotta take the girls AND they gotta be free!!" Huh men
So sadly I guess that's a no for now Melissa :( I'm sure that you will have no end of takers I'd love to go...well maybe next year hey!!
Love Kathie

Shelley said...

I am thinking about this, would love to do it but I think I would get sea sick.