Friday, 18 March 2011

Crop 4 A Cause Update

For those of you who came and supported the recent Crop for a Cause – where we were raising money for Michelle’s SIL (who has been diagnosed with MS), a huge thank you.  We raised just over $1000 for her which was a fantastic effort considering we were such a small group in comparison to normal.  As a group we have now raised approx. $50,000 if the past 3 years and that is an unbelievable effort and I really hope as a whole you are really proud of yourselves as you all have not only helped many individuals and families here in Geelong but also overseas.
Nevertheless, regardless of the numbers (yes i will check when the long weekend is on next time) we had a great day and lots of fun was had.  To the girls who participated in the Ready Steady Crops – you did so good considering the kits that i put together – i would have struggled to come up with anything that even resembled a layout.  i was having a giggle making them up and was thinking I can’t wait to see what they do with these, considering they were all old stock and things thrown together.  It shows you what a talented bunch of scrappers we have.  It is actually quite exciting because with every scrapbook mag that comes out I am starting to see some of your names filtering through in submissions that have been accepted – so congratulations girls to those of you who have been in the mags lately.  To those of you who haven’t, keep persevering – it will happen.
First Challenge.
IMG_3094Oh my gosh… the first “kit” was a bit of this and a bit of that from Empire – an old range and the girls somehow still managed to make it look lovely.  I love watching how these girls work under pressure and wish i now took a pic of the table – it seriously looked like a bomb went off.
Congratulations goes to: 1st – Angela,
2nd – Sharon
3rd - Marelle.

Angela 1stIMG_3088IMG_3089
Second Challenge.
This time we used some old “Rustic Charm” which in its day was actually one of my favourite papers and the girls came up with some gorgeous layouts.  Some of my favourite from the day.
Congratulations this time to:
1st – Sharon,
2nd – Leonie
3rd – Leanne

Last Challenge:
Lastly, really was probably the hardest as it was truthfully a bit of this and a bit of that but still the girls did a great job and came up with some lovely layouts.
Congratulations to:
1st – Sharon
2nd – Sharon
3rd – Maree

IMG_3131Also i just wanted to share this with you.  With the left over money we had from the Christmas Crop, where we donated 10 large hampers to families in need, supported Chez on a recent trip to the Philippines we still had enough money left over to buy this Rickshaw to help out a family in India. Again thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas Crop.  They have even put a plaque on the back from us.

For those of you who don’t realise, this is now in addition to the well we were able to fund, in late 2009, also in India.

Next C4AC Workshop is 9th July.  Registrations will go our around the end of May.
Don’t forget there is still time to register for Unmasked – May 20 – 22nd.

Thanks again ladies for your ongoing support of Crop for A Cause.


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