Monday, 28 June 2010

Retreat shananigans

Returned, would like to say rested, but not! Never got to sleep until 4ish both mornings. Can full recommend anyone wanting to run a retreat to check out The Grange in Lancefield though. We were totally and uterly spoilt for the whole weekend. Food, glorious, food. Lots of laughs and fun and even the mojo returned and i was able to scrap 12 layouts. This may not sound like many but considering how much i like to talk and muck around - that was pretty good for me as my goal was for 10. Now they may not be 12 totally detailed and mag worthy layouts but to actually get that many done for me was fantastic. Just to be able to stop and do my own thing for a couple of days was just a breath of fresh aire - sometimes all it takes is a little timeout and this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to all you girls who came along and made the weekend such a success. Am rebooking tomorrow for next year.
Here are the layouts - sorry about the photography - took them under a light here on my desk and they aren't so good (colour is a bit off) will have to reshoot them. Huge mixture of styles from simple to harder but i was just truly happy to get them on a page whether it was simple or not.

Hope you all had a weekend as good as mine.
Take care and thanks for looking



Cassandra said...

Gorgeous layouts Mel. Wish I'd known about the retreat :o( Will have to make sure I don't miss out next year. *hugz*

Liz said...

Wow! Those layouts are great! Especially love the first one. Just stunning.

Rach said...

So glad you got to scrap. May be simple lo's by your standards, but still impressive to me!

Christine said...

Wow, you did so many layouts! They are all gorgeous too!