Friday, 12 March 2010

Brain Overload....

Well i know i have been AWOL for awhile. I have been trying to keep my head above water and not screw up....
Confused.... well i still am so you can be.
About a month a go we had a few changes in management and to cut a long story short my old boss Tommy resigned to move on in his career and start his own business and i have taken his place as manager or director of design, creative director - whatever you want to call it - boss lady hubby says. It has been quite a challenging month but i must admit i have learnt so much in the past few weeks its ridiculous. I haven't learnt this much since i left school.
Most of you know i have been with Kaisercraft for nearly 5 years but majority of it has been cutting and pasting - teaching others to cut and paste and basically being paid to do what i love best - scrapbooking so actually having to manage people is a learning curve. I have to admit our DT guys have just been awesome the past few weeks. We have had such a insane amount of work to do and they have been fantastic. I really do miss all the laughs with Al about everything and anything but hopefully things will get back to normal soon once we have finished playing catchup. Its terrible when things are so busy you can't muck around - as much as i still attempt to try.
Its not all bad as im always in for a challenge and to do something i haven't done so i guess that is my life at the minute.
There are lots of exciting things on the horizon though including a trip to China and Hong Kong with Richelle, teaching in Sydney (SIA), Aust Scrapbooking Expo (Brisbane, with Al and Al - stay tuned or classes as we would love to catch up with some familiar faces), New Zealand SENZ (again with Al, can't wait for that weekend) and then today finding out we are off to Chicago again. Sounds crazy but thankfully its spread out over the next 5 months - ANDyes i do get to spend time with my family - thankfully things are slowing down a little now. Im sure for a while its was pretty much a case of Mr Mum - thank goodness for a supportive husband. On that note soooo looking forward to the school holidays where we will be going camping again at Bright but what is going to be more fun is that Al's family is coming with us. What a Hoot - i don't think i have looked forward to a break as much as i have this one. So if you hear alot of laughing coming from somewhere down in a valley you are probably in the vicinity of where we are camping - come and say we will probably be around a camp fire toasting marshmellows....
The only scrapping done lately has been from work so can't share anything at this stage but will soon. If you have picked up the latest kaiser mag you can catch up with the latest releases, though must admit what im working on now is probably my newest all time fave... (this regularly changes) but really do love this one.... sorry you will have to wait to see them but will be teaching a class in Brisbane using this range.
Well thats pretty much it for now - promise i will share more soon but i didn't want to bore you too much now but thought i better let you all know i haven't fallen off the face of the earth.
For those of you who have more spare time than me at the moment - Happy Scrapping


Rebecca Beattie said...

Hey Lis, missed you but know you have been a VERY BUSY girl! I will miss the next crop (got my nephew's birthday party) but will pop in again one day soon! Can't wait to see your new stuff. xxx

Tanya Tahir said...

Life certainly sounds busy for you Mel!! Congrats on your new position. Love all the perks of your job - especially the travelling bit! I'm excited I might even get to finally meet you if I head over to Brissie for the expo!

Marelle said...

Mel, congrats and wow such a HUGE job you now have honey!
see you on 22ndxxx

Renee said...

A big congrats on the new position Mel!!! Being that your one little word is potential, I think you have the potential to do amazing things in this job.

Renee xox