Saturday, 7 November 2009

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

It would be totally understandable if any of you have thought I was lost lately, as it seems I have gone AWOL from my blog. Lately I am finding it extrememly difficult to find time to scrap for me and its frustrating. Actually come to think of it - just time out in general is hard to find. I have to admit though last night, even though we were trying to get something finished at work a group of us had such a fun night. Thanks Al, Richelle, Ali, and Clarinda for a such a fun night. Truly not sure why we didn't just sleep the night there considering the time we actually got home but so glad we got so much done. Look out on the Kaiser blog in December for what we were up to.
This second half of the year has been a little crazy but you all know how much I love scrapbooking. I wish I could share all the things I have been playing with - in time I will. Ive been busy designing 5 classes for the scrapbooking cruise coming up. Can you believe its only 14 more sleeps and Im getting a little excited.
Here is a little something I found on my desk when cleaned it up. Can actually see half of it now. It was something I had a little play with when i was at the CHA consumer show earlier this year. I used Adrironack inks and this little air squirty thing to spread the ink droplets and to tell you the truth I had lots of fun creating it. Added to that was some of Tim Holtz stamps and i discovered i had just created a unique little piece of artwork that I totally loved. I had never really done anything like it before and now I want to do more. Now only problem is trying to get my hands on these inks in Oz. I can't even get them sent to me as they won't send them through the mail either. So if you know where to get some of them (that aren't hugely expensive, which they all seem to be here in Oz) please let me know.

So whilst Im out wandering and wondering where Im heading, what the future holds, what i want to do and how will i meet all the deadlines we have next week, remember


even if it appears they haven't a clue which direction they are going....LOL

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Leonie said...

love those inks too i've been playing around with them a bit try this site