Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Thank You South Africa

What can i say. There are times like this that its so hard to put into words how I feel.
We are at Singapore airport - counting down a 12 hour stop over and just thought i would drop a quick post. Only another 26 hours to go and we should be touching down in Melbourne. Soooo looking forward to seeing my family and friends again but still drying my eyes from saying goodbye to you all. I know the tears will start again once i look back on my photos.
Thank you so much Glenda (for an opportunity of a lifetime), all the helpers and all you beautiful delegates who particpated in the conventions in J'Burg and Cape Town. You made both Brenton and myself feel so welcome that it was soooo hard to leave. Also to all the other wonderful teachers who were part of this trip too - i feel so privaledged to have been asked to teach alongside of you and i know we have made friendships that will last forever. (How do we arrange to meet again....LOL - miss you already).
It was literally a dream come true for myself. Not only visiting Sth Africa, the safari, the places we see but actually speaking in front of soooooo many of you and actually ENJOYING it was something i never thought i would do. Like i said though - if you can DREAM it you can do it. Never forget it. If it is something you really believe and want to do - go for it. If its meant to be you will do it.
Thanks for all the encouragement you gave me and i truly hope you all keep in touch.
I am no different to any of you and felt so honoured to be asked to come over.And for those of you who read this - i truly hope and pray that you remember you too can do anything you set your minds too as well.
Always remember to just BE YOURSELF and have loads of fun doing it.
what a trip.
thank you so much for all the memories. and i promise photos will be posted as soon as i go home and sort out the 10,000 + we have here.
love you all


Bridget said...

Melissa it was a dream come true meeting you and yes we are just all normal people but you ARE an inspiration. My home is always open in Cape Town for you & your family to come back.
Good luck with the Jacob's Ladder :o) Hugs Bridget

Cathy said...

It was really really great meeting you and doing your class in Jhb... travel safely home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home lovely lady
sounds like you were a hit!!
Well done

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Sounds like you had the best time. All teachers are just regular old people, and I bet you did a fabulous job. Well done for kicking the nerves!
Loved reading your SA update.
Nic Howard.