Friday, 25 September 2009

South Africa - We have arrived

Well its 5pm Thursday (thats 1.06am Friday for you girls back home).
Just flaked out on the bed after an exhausting day, though right at this minute I am totally relaxed. Somehow I managed to spend 3 hours in a day spa here at Emperors Palace. Now don’t think this is just a girly thing as Brenton managed to do a couple of hours here to. This is something I wouldn’t dream of doing back home due to the costs but here well. It all started in the floatation tank (now that was an experience though not sure if I came out of it more relaxed – I got a little stressed in there. Totally weird. You step into this extremely salty pool thing, went to bend down to begin floating and before I knew it legs went up and I was floating, I really needed some type of waterproof neck cushion and I think I would have relaxed a bit better as I tried to keep my head from going too far back and just tensed up the old shoulders and neck. (excuse for a back, neck and shoulder massage like Brenton got – think I may book that for tomorrow) …then the Roman Spa Baths (this is a giant spa bath but the room and surroundings has been done to feel like you are in old Rome days), then a Thai foot massage – oooohhhh ahhhhh that was really good. Then a Swiss shower – you stand in the middle of this round room and get showered by all these shower heads around the room in all directions – then for something a little different you press another button and an ice cold fountain of water comes down – oooohhhh ahhhhh again. That certainly takes your breath away – a number of times and then back into the lovely heat of the shower again. Back into the Roman bath, then a Sauna, followed by another Swiss shower and then a normal one to clean up and get out of there before a little relax before dinner..
What an afternoon.
It seems a little surreal at the minute – here we are (Brenton and I ) in Johannesburg.
We arrived at 7am this morning after travelling 24 hours (that is from the time we left Kaiser), enjoyed a 5 hours stop over in Singapore. Golly gosh – that Singapore airport has got everything – you really don’t have to leave – must admit though am looking forward to looking outside it on the return trip.
We couldn’t check in until after 12 so Glenda (the awesome lady who is organising the SA Conference doing an unbelievable job pulling git all together) took us to the local mall for a coffee and breakfast and quick look around.
First impressions of SA was not much different to home, but here in J/Burg lots more hawkers etc on the street corners etc. Selling everything from videos to cables for your phones etc. Food very much cosmopolitan and not much different to home that I have seen yet.
Emperors Palace where we are staying is lovely. Very much reminds me of Caesars Palace In Las Vegas with all its Roman sculptures and paintings etc.
Well off to get a quick bite before we turn in early for the night. Early start in the morning.


Rebecca Beattie said...

Enjoy it all Mel! I know you will rock your sessions!! xxxx

Linda Cain said...

What a wonderful experience!
Take it all in!