Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter celebrations

It doesn't matter how old they are or whether or not they believe in Easter bunny, there is still the expectation of a Easter Egg hunt. I think Caitlin, my youngest, is on the verge of working out the truth but was the first one wanting out the front door this morning to see if anything was left in the garden. So yes they got a few choccies but mum is a chocoholic so it can't really be helped. There is nothing like seeing the delight on their faces when they find another one and then their arms ladel full of eggs - disgraceful... yep I know but totally fun, except for the few arguements when trying to sort out if they all got the same quantities.

We were soon off to church, though sure the girls would have sat there all morning and attacked their eggs. Easter bunny vs. Jesus - Thankfully they know the real meaning of Easter. I often wonder do people actually realise what it is all about. Like Christmas it all comes back to Jesus and without him there would be neither of these celebrations, yet both have been so commercialised you could easily grow up thinking it was only about Santa, the Easter bunny and giving/receiving pressies. Thankfully i know this man Jesus and he has made me who i am today and my life worth living. Regardless of what you believe i truly hope you have all had a lovely time this Easter with your families and having as much fun as me and remember

Live Fully
Love Deeply
Laugh Loudly

"I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the full."
John 10:10


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that quote Melissa, its uncanny, as I was just sitting here planning my next project and I love it so much I'm going to base my layout around it, so thankyou for that and for reminding us all about the true spirit of Easter, Tiff :o)

Linda said...

Good on you melissa
Preach it sister

chez said...

Yay Mel. Easter is about our Lord and Savior, who sacrificed his life for our Salvation. Nice doing life with you my friend. Oh and did you purchase a new mug by any chance. hehehe.