Monday, 23 February 2009

Who's Who of Scrapbooking - What an honour

Here are another couple of things I have been up to prior to going away. You may have seen some of these in Scrapbook Creations or the Kaisercraft workshop magazines but for those of you who haven't seen I hope you like.

Last year I received an email from Kim Taranto of Scrapbook Memories - it was asking if I would like to be one of Who Who's in Scrapbooking in one of the upcoming months. For a couple of months I igored the email until I replied to her saying "I think this has accidently been sent to the wrong person" - guess what? - no she did mean to send it to me. This came out in issue no. 62 earlier this year. I know I have had stuff published before but to be truthful I was a wee bit humbled and excited to see it, especially when you see the names of others who have been featured in this segment.
The only problem is I had to keep under wraps the three projects. Quickly I had to whip my clear album out of the blog and create another couple. The occassional planner was something that I had done in the past but wanted to do another in the new Kaisercraft Distracted papers. I really enjoyed making this and was hanging out to use the 7 gypsies door handle that I picked up in America last year) in a little craft shop. As you do I just had to have and was hanging out to use it on a project. When this paper range came out I knew this was the one I wanted to make my address book from and the handle would suit just perfectly, along with all the different textures of flowers I had in my stash, from felt to wood to paper – I just had to use them all. Have met some wonderful friends through the scrapbooking circles, I can’t wait to add them into this keepsake album.
As mentioned earlier. This was made last year and did have it briefly posted up on my blog before having to take it off until this was published. Before making this album I had never attempted an acrylic album before I weren’t quite sure where to start – I actually had to sit down and plan this one out in advance but what was great was I was finally was able to use some of the clear Hambly acetate sheets that I had been collecting.
And then we have the layout from Esters Guestlist - just love the colors in this paper range.

For those of you who never received the mag - this is what I wrote (hope you have gotten comfortable - this a long post)
Confucius say "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I have been brought up being told that I can do almost anything I put my mind to and I honestly believe you can but at times it takes a bit of hard work. Now I am getting paid to do what I love…. Scrapbook….and I do love what I do. Are you envious yet??
After the big graduation from kinder who would have thought years down the track my chosen career was being nurtured all the way back then whilst I was sticking and pasting. Scrapbooking is a huge part of my everyday life as I now do it for a living and my husband thinks at times that is ALL I think about. I work fulltime for Kaisercraft as part of their design team and couldn’t think of a better place to work. At times it can get pretty hectic with some of our crazy deadlines but its extremely exciting when you get see scribbled sketches in a notebook evolve into a product. I have been very fortunate and many opportunities have arisen working in the industry. Among them was winning a Masters competition, getting to use new products before they are released, teaching classes at my LSS and running my own workshops. A highlight is getting to meet some of the craziest but still down to earth friendliest people around – other scrapbookers. I even got to meet one of my favourite scrapbooking gurus’, Ali Edwards at a recent show in America – She came over to our stand with a signed book for moiye– as you can imagine I was a little excited…. CHA’s are a scrapbookers paradise - if you have the chance to go – take it. Every company, every product, all the big names, in one place…..mind blowing…

I have a very understanding and supportive hubby that is slowly coming to terms with the fact that scrapbooking is now more than just a hobby for me. Along with three gorgeous little girls (7,9 10) who all think they are teenagers, with little attitudes to match, a crazy black puppy poodle Miesha who thinks she’s human and a stray cat who believes ever since she had babies behind my daughter’s bed she is entitled to live with us- mind you I’m allergic to cats... And piles of photographs begging me to do something with them - what more inspiration do I need to scrap than that..

I began scrapbooking around 7 years ago when I was invited by a friend to a Creative Memories home class but after a look in the door of a local scrapbook store it was soon very clear there was more than what I had been shown. There is a saying that she who has the most scrapping supplies wins.. well I am well on my way…. I love new product releases – and not only from Kaisercraft. There are so many gorgeous printed papers out there, scallop edges are back, acrylic stamps, bling and who doesn’t own a bottle of dimension magic.

From a couple of matted photos on a page and a sticker or two, the way I scrap has definitely evolved but as for a definite style, I’m not sure I have one. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, it changes all the time. But whilst working with Kaiser I have gotten used to working within a range and try to feature all papers within that collection. With time constraints I have had to learn not to be a perfectionist but………well I’m still working on that. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge so willing to try out new products and experiment with new techniques for myself. There is always more to learn. That is what I love about scrapbooking with friends, you can bounce ideas off each other and adapt them to suit yourself. I don’t believe there is a right or a wrong way to scrap – after all it is your story you are telling. Just be yourself and if you like what you have created that is all that matters


Lisa said...

WOW what an accomplishment Liss! Your own two page spread!!! LOL! Is it the centrefold? LMAO! No seriously I am very proud of you and your work is always gorgeous! Well done!

Chris Millar said...

Congratulations on your spread in the mag Mel! And all your projects here are breathtaking!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

i so love that address book i need me one of them it's gorgeous

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh darn it hit comment too quick

a huge congrats on the article that is awesome

Sandra said...

Wooohooo... what a great honour that must have been for you.. i could just imagine you trying to keep it all under wraps and how much you would have been bubbling inside with excitement. Well done!

Loving the stuff that Kaiser is putting out into the scrapping world.. you guys are on a super roll.. keep it up.. ive just seen the march release! YUM!!!! These are a Must Have for me.
Look forward to seeing what else is in store.