Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Project 365 - A Photo A Day

Ok here we go. Here are two projects that we can do over the coming year. Take your pick or do both - there will be spot prizes drawn over the year for both and separate galleries also.

Snapshots of my Year
Ok the concept is not new - actually it is everywhere and at the moment if you blog stalk you will see some type of this project on many scrappers sites so I am not going to pretend this is my idea as it is most definately not......seriously who would think to take a photo a day.... who actually stops at one anyway... Check out the original Project 365 which started in 2004 here

Why am I jumping on the bandwagon. We received a request about having a kit available to do for this project - the Becky Higgins one sold out so quickly - so I thought why not design one using our Kaiser products. Basically though I really would like this is something that you do not then have to buy in a kit form(more info on this later ) but to be able to create using all the stuff you have at home. If you then need a little extra go and get it and hopefully I will be able to help you use up some of your stash at home too.

The album I plan on using isn't to be released until Feb so you will have to wait to see this BUT..... you can get out those cameras and start snapping, even if you only do take one photo a day by Feb you will soon have your January photos ready to work with, which is when I will put up the first month for you. If you must start scrapping a few favorites along the way the only clue I am giving you for now is keep your background cardstock to A4 size and it will all fit. Now as I will be going to CHA I won't get my example up until after 5th Feb but keep taking photos. I will start a new gallery for people taking part so you can all see and each month I will be drawing prizes for people who have sent in photos of their months examples and left comments. These will most likely be the BTP new releases for the month. Anyway if you are interested let me know or if you have any ideas or suggestions to help and together we can get started.
Here's a glimpse of my year so far

Notice the ribbon reels they took me two nights to roll from the disgusting tangled mess they were in.

Glimpse of Me (or my year)

This project here is an alternative to the one above or in addition to. Again there will be random spot prizes for participants but this one is based on the example in the latest workshop magazine. Whether you want to record something that happened each month in a little album or just your favourite things that give us a glimpse of you such as favourite food, books, dreams or friends. This is a perfect project to showcase some of your favourite photographs.For this you will need to get the new Beyond the Page products just released. The bookshelf (SB2028) and the mini books (three in each pack) - (SB2027). I will post up instructions on how to create these little albums but you will also be able to find them in the latest workshop magazine. Choose your favourite paper range and you can create your own little bookshelf to suit your own tastes and add your little albums after you have chosen your favorite photos for each month.


raquel said...

Hey Melissa, I am loving the little bookshelf and mini albums, what a fantastic idea!!!!!!

Shelley said...

Congrats on the great article Mel in SC. Not only a master but a "who's who"...... I only flicked thru pics last night but when i came to your article I just had to read it!!!
Cannot wait for the next crop.
Have a ball at CHA too. Hope Kaiser is as well received as last year.

ros said...

love the mini albums and an awesome idea