Sunday, 9 November 2008

Thank you Lorraine

Don't die of shock people, I am finally updating my blog. For those of you who knew I have been away on holidays and back for a week, though this week my head was really only with the Kaisercraft 100 to 1 scrap off.

For those of you who attended Im sure you would all agree it was great fun and so hope there will be many more lining up for the next round..... For those of you who participated I hope you have gotten over the stress of having to scrap under pressure but you all did so well. You were awesome. Al and I have both joked after watching you all yesterday that we will now be expected to produce 16 layouts a day considering what you all did in a half hour. Stay tuned as I will post up some pics soon. Congratulations to Christy Clarke for her awesome efforts. You got lots of talent girl and the win was justly deserved. Your handwriting and journalling had me won over. All entries were great and how you all mananged to create what you did in the time frames was unbelievable.

Anyway thanks to all those who participated. The day raised $1500 for the Orphanages and preschools that Kaiser support so that was awesome effort and that didn't include any sales from the day.

There is one special lady whom I really want to thank for a wonderful weekend. I had the privaledge of Lorainne Bate staying with our family this weekend. She is a consulting Editor with Scrapbook Creations and came down to help judge the rounds for the 100 to 1. So glad you were here for that as your experience was invaluable. It was also great to show you around Kaiser and let you see for youself what we have all been up to. As you saw the new Kaisercraft Factory Outlet is pretty awesome.... (more photos of this to come)..Thanks so much Lorraine for coming down and all the laughs, and there were so many of them. Im so sorry they confiscated your butter at the airport and I surely hope you didn't need an emergency fat intake on the return My daughter's comments (8years old), I wish that girl was our aunty so I could see her more..... Its funny how there are some people in the world that even though you don't see them very often they just fit in and feel like one of the family. My girls loved you, my hubby is starting to realise that many of my scrapping friends really are nice people, and I just think you are totally gorgeous and Im so glad we got the chance to meet a year ago...

thanks for the chats and the mum talks and be prepared for the phone calls for help when I want to pull my hair out.... Love you girl

As well as helping out with the competitions she certainly won my girls over with her hair braiding skills - I am being told off for not paying enough attention to what you did so I could learn - Oh well they will have to wait until you visit again.


wendy steward said...

Hey Melissa, it was an awesome day on saturday, so much fun and what a great cause to raise money for.
thanks for all your efforts, had the best time.
see you soon
wendy (from fiskars)

ros said...

i was starting to think u were deserting ur blog :) thanks for a great day on saturday. had a ball. i did leave a comment on simons blog saying next time i think u should have a bonus round but it should be the kaiser staff having to scrap a lo in 30 minutes and then a group of us being the judges. think that would be very cool :) thanks again, and cant wait til the next crop 4 a cause