Friday, 1 August 2008

CHA Make and Takes


Here is the only way I could show you some of the beautiful ladies that took part in my make and takes at CHA. I still can't believe the response. There were times that the girls were arguing over positions so I had to resort to giving out numbers but pity help you if  you walked away and tried to come back in .  Im telling you DONT step back in line in front of someone who has been waiting for over an hour..  Yep some people did that.... Resorting to the numbers was actually a good idea though as I was able to keep track of just how many was done over the 3 days. Still can't believe some women were fighting over positions in line though and for what - our make and take????? I think the fact that we let them choose just what they want and use whatever products are on hand is always a winner as not everyone likes to be told what to do. Anyway what all the fuss was over was a this little 3 page book - which in fact is the first three pages of the

 Kaisercraft Cascade Album. (the "real" ones have 6 pages)
If you had of told me we would make over 400 of them in three days with only me on the make and take stand I would have told you, that you were crazy but somehow adrenalin kicks in and well we did around 415. 127 on day 1, 143 the next and 115 on the last and shortest day of the show. The ladies were lovely. They kept me fed and watered. Some would do anything when offered a free gift. Others would just keep bringing me Hershey bars, cookies, pepsi, etc etc,  LOL... anything to keep me running away from the stand.  Truthfully I really never needed to leave except for a few toilet runs....These women kept me amused all day and just loved it when I would pull out the rhinestones or pearls and throw them towards the waiting people. The ones wearing glasses though, were the safest, they tended to go in all directions, not necessarily where i planned but that didn't seem to bother them and soon they would be screaming and yelling..... WHO HAS THE BEST RHINESTONES K.A.I.S.E.R.C.R.A.F.T

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Dawn said...

lol!! What a fantastic post! I had a blast and was fortunate enough to get #69 on day 2!!! You were really sweet and I just love the little book! I can't wait to put my CHA pictures in it.