Monday, 29 October 2007

Rainy day - means SHOPPING

When we woke up this morning it was raining and from the look of the sky it was set in for the day. I wasn't going to go for a swim but David's comment to me was "You're going to get anyway so you may as well"
sent me packing off across the road. Must have looked a bit strange toddling off with goggles in my hand in the rain. Anyway the good part was I had the pool to myself and felt good afterwards to have done something. Once I returned we decided since the weather wasn't going to get any better we may as well go shopping at Maroochydore. Like DER what else do you do when it rains...As we didn't have a car we had to catch the bus but that turned out to be half the fun for the kids who sat up the front near the driver and sang all the way. We managed to spend quite a few hours there and I managed to find another scrap book shop - (as you do....those shops are like magnets) Im not sure if I was embarrased or not but the girls certainly made sure the owner knew who we were as they found every product with themselves pictured on it and proudly romped around the shop saying how famous they were. The lady from THE ART N CRAFT STORE was really lovely to talk too and I must admit I do get a kick out of it when people say they how much they love the Kaiser products - and really why wouldn't they?????? Anyway I bought lots and lots (and lots Im afraid) of gorgeous ribbons - again as you do - (they really were cheap) - and then we continued our shopping only to finish up as we usually do, when at Maroochy, having a coffee or ice cream. In David and Jess' case a whole litre of the stuff - it is much cheaper than buying an ice cream each from the ice cream parlour - or so he says.....This sounds extravagent but this has been a bit of a tradition the two do each time we are up here and I know Jess looks forward to it each time. (totally disgusting - I don't know how they don't make themselves sick....)All shopped out the kids fell asleep on the bus ride back to King's Beach. Going over for a surf with the boogie boards before dinner(again in the rain) woke them up and then back to the pool for a bit more of a play before it got dark.
Shower, dinner, then bed. All ready to do it all again tomorrow - this time hopefully no rain and probaby no shops either. Just the beach and pool for something a little different LOL

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Al said...

Lis, it sounds like fun, even if it is raining!
I'm so glad you got to the scrap store LOL ... well done :)
And *oink* to David and Jess eating alllll that ice cream. But hey, that's what holidays are for ;)