Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Caloundra - The Kennedy's have arrived

It’s hard to believe but we are finally here. Its all a bit surreal going by plane after all these years of driving to Queensland. It still doesn’t seem quite right – its all too quick. Even David was saying he unwinds on the drive up and with flying you don’t get to do that as you are here in such a short time. Jess couldn’t believe we arrived in 2 hours instead of two days. The thought of being up here so quickly was a novel idea but I must admit I will miss not having my surfboard and the kids already are wishing they had their bikes. It looks like we will have the car loaded up like the Griswolds again in the future just to bring up all the big kid toys. David has just returned the hire car we had to get us from the airport to here so that in itself will be different for us not to just have a car on hand to do whatever we like. I have never done a grocery shop as HUGE as yesterday in my entire life but what we bought hopefully will last the next two weeks, with the exception of fresh fruit.

I don’t know how many of you know the Caloundra area but it is fantastic. The improvements around here are awesome, especially the new salt water pool at the north end of Kings Beach. It took awhile to convince Caitlin to go over there this morning as she just remembered the old one but once over there it was hard to get her to leave. I shall take some photos and show later. Today was just perfect weather wise and we literally spent the whole day outside either at the beach or pool, most likely how every day will be spent. There were supposed to be storms tonight but so far it doesn’t look like it.

Switching off from the scrapbooking world is probably the most difficult. As you know always thinking, thinking about what to do next and new ideas. We went past the big scrapbook shop up here – My Scrappin’ Store and I so wanted to go in but DH wouldn’t let me – he thought I could go without for one day, especially considering it was the first day of our holiday. Its now 2 days and I still haven’t gone to the shop – very proud of myself but am itching to get in there. I have brought nothing away with me though to do anything so will have to settle for a look and maybe a few purchases….

Well that about sums up the first couple of days I better go and do the washing up – David has taken Caitie and Ellie across the road to the park before they go to bed – what a life they kids have got…EAT, SLEEP and PLAY.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Melissa! I was wondering where you were, it has been so quiet on the forum lately!!LOL!
Have a great holiday!!! You have some gorgeous pages!!